Reflection on Parable of the Seeds and Weeds

Reflection on Parable of the Seeds and Weeds

We expected a great change where God’s people can gather in peace and commune with the Lord. But the Kingdom of God does not come with a glorious battle and it does not come with a new charismatic politician.

The kingdom of heaven is not an institution or a program. The Kingdom is not what we expected. When Jesus speaks of the kingdom we get so much more than we bargained for. We cannot bind or predict, we cannot make or control, we cannot see it with our eyes, but the Kingdom is present. The Kingdom is God’s reign in the world.

With so much injustice in this world, so much hatred and violence, in a world that seemingly grows darker with the presence of sin we cannot help but experience the lack of God’s Peace in life. We hear the lament of God’s people saying throughout all ages, “how long O’ Lord, How long? Did you not sow good seed? How can the world you created have weeds?”

God’s community during the time of Jesus is much like God’s people today. We feel we can no longer live and face the darkness cast by the weeds in this world. We desire release from the weeds that entangle themselves in our day-to-day lives. In the parable Jesus says that the servants of the Master desire to take out the weeds of this world. We hear our own thoughts and desires in the words of the servants. In our lament we wonder does God hear us? Does he care?

Jesus does not leave us hanging in lament forever, but narrows our focus on the hope of the Gospel. Jesus explains the parable and says that the wheat are the children of the kingdom, the weeds are the children of the devil, the master is Jesus and that the field is the world. He warns and teaches us that in our time on earth we will face the devil, evil and sin. He tells us of a spiritual reality that is underlying our existence and how the reign of God is still present and in control. The Lord does not uproot the weeds because we are waiting for the fullness of all the children of God to come to life. God’s waiting is not one of calloused indifference, but it God’s mercy on us. We are to wait until every member of God’s family is gathered and accounted for. The Kingdom is much larger than any of his disciples and followers imagined. This Kingdom, small like a mustard seed, now is far greater and expands throughout more time and places than just the now. This community extends beyond time and place, the reign of God rules over all of God’s children. God’s reign reaches into our present reality sowing the good seed in the world, actively planting good deeds among his people, actively filling his people with His Spirit. God is on the move.

One day we will walk into a promise land and the weeds of our lives will be taken away never to entangle us again. We will be free from weeds, free from their grasp, free from the weeds that ate away at our lives, free from the weeds that caused grief. We will cry that day not out of lament, but out of joy, we will cry not of judgment, but cry out in praise. This cry will go out to all of God’s people and will ring for all time drowning out all lament. The children of God will shine like the sun and the darkness of night will be like the full light of the day when the day of the Lord comes.

We may cry today, but hope will reign in our lives until the coming of the Lord. We may fall today, but hope will guide us to that promise land. We may grow weary today, but the hope we have in Christ will carry us through. We live in the reality of God’s Kingdom and` when the Lord comes we will forever be counted among the blessed, we will be good seeds free of any weeds Amen.


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