One Precious Life

One Precious Life


She came from a respectable and wealthy family. Laurie felt cornered. Are there any options for a woman who has no one she can trust? She was asking for guidance. She was pregnant at 17 years of age. Ending the pregnancy seems like a very viable and attractive option. She can forgo the messiness of ruined dreams and avoid confrontation from a shaming family. Now in the warmth of her best friend’s house, Janet, she was there to figure out what to do, though she already knew what she wanted to do. She was not so much there for guidance as acceptance and approval. “Would God be okay with this? Would he accept me still? Would he love me still?”

Janet’s mother Grace understood. She saw so much of herself in Laurie’s eyes. Grace assured Laurie nothing she will ever do or say, could make God love her any less. If anything, God’s love is not absent or lessened, it is within his will to grow His love. He pointed her to the Christmas story. A poor family, little respect, cornered and left to be in a manger. The wonder and promise of a baby. This family had all the reasons, according to the world, to not want this baby. This was a baby out of wedlock, a baby not from the betrothed father and a poor family who is currently unable to provide a roof over the child’s head. Yet, for all the reasons saying no, there were also greater promises held by the child. Rather than love lessening, love grew in the family. The love in this family birthed the love of God into the world. Love increased in the world by the coming of this baby.

The situation seemed like a no to the rest of the world, but the child carries a great treasure that will birth a new story of hope for all people. Mary and Joseph had to see what they could not see. They had to see the great promise that this child could bring into the world. Mary and Joseph had to have faith. Every child is an opportunity to believe there is something greater than our own wants. Every child is an opportunity to see beyond the present difficulty towards hope.

Laurie had never thought of this. All the questions were about her life; none were of the great possibilities a new baby brings. Yes, a baby changes everything, but that is exactly the greatness of babies, namely that a baby changes everything! All the questions she had, strangely, did not matter as much anymore. Still scared and still worried, but now in wonder of “what could this child be? What great things will she/he do? What fun could we have together?” Love began to grow. Many questions swirled in her head, but they seemed less like obstacles and more like mountains to climb, her perspective changed. Love is more powerful than fears. Somehow, the birth of one baby in a manger changes the story of every womb. One baby in a manger changes our worst fears into new hopes filled with great promise. This is not only the story of Christmas; every baby in a womb carries the same story of hope, the same promise of love increasing in the world.

We celebrate the Sanctity of Life because His life was sacred. God who is sacred clothed himself with the flesh of a baby. Jesus is Sacred. By doing this God proclaimed forever that all life in the womb is sacred! The Christmas story is not a story we only choose to think of on December 25th. The Story lives everyday. We hear echoes of the story weaved through stories of pregnant women. We feel an instinctual affinity to the sound of a heartbeat on an ultrasound beating with the same rhythm beating within the womb of the Virgin Mary. The Savior’s thumping cadence resonates in every womb.


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