LHC Administrative Assistant Job Opening

We are looking to hire our next part-time Administrative Assistant. If interested in applying, please email your resume to our church office at info@livinghopefoxlake.com with “Administrative Assistant Application” in the subject line. We are accepting resumes from both internal and external candidates, so if you know of someone who does not attend Living Hope Community Church but may be interested in this position, please let them know about this opportunity. We will be accepting resumes through Monday, February 26th.

Job Description:

The Executive Assistant position is critical to the success of Living Hope Church. The person who has this position is on the front lines of our ministry and is one of the very first individuals the public sees and talks to. He or she is a reflection of the church and should always keep this calling as an honor and reflect as such.

The individual chosen for this position will be a Christian rooted in Christ and devoted to serving him. Not only will the candidate have outstanding office skills but he or she will be “called to Christian service” and display a willingness to go “above and beyond” the personal investment in a job that is considered “normal” in the secular world of work.

Additionally, there is a lot of confidential information the Executive Assistant will become aware of such as financial records, counseling situations, and other private matters. It’s absolutely essential that all items of a personal and confidential nature of which he/she becomes aware must remain a highly guarded treasure which he/she MUST keep confidential. Divulging any private matters of any person – church member or not – will be considered grounds for immediate dismissal.

Personal Traits of the Administrative Assistant:

  • Spiritually grounded in Christ
  • High moral character
  • Trustworthy with confidential information
  • Passionate about serving God and others
  • Displays confidence and yet is humble
  • Personality is loving, kind and enthusiastic
  • Highly self-motivated

Preferred Qualifications of the Administrative Assistant include:

  • Must be a member in good standing and a regular attender of a recognized Christian Church.
  • Previous experience as a secretary or professional office position
  • Post high school education or degree
  • Excellent keyboard skills with accuracy
  • Strong computer skills (Microsoft Windows / Mac, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Willing to learn Administrative Church software programs on computers that coordinate calendars and membership.
  • Demonstrates a proficiency in using office tools (copy machine, facsimile, scanner, etc.)
  • Strong organizational and planning skills
  • Clear and confident communication skills both writing and verbal
  • Proficient knowledge of English composition and punctuation

Job Duties include but are not limited to:

  • General office related duties
  • Maintain organization of office area, foyer and church information areas.
  • Ordering of office supplies
  • Overseeing maintenance of office equipment
  • Distribution of mail to staff and church leaders
  • Check church email and social media messages and respond as needed
  • Answer phone calls
  • Respond to or forward voice messages in timely manner
  • Assists Pastor with expense tracking and reports as needed
  • Church membership duties
  • Maintain church mail slots for LHC members/attendees
  • Track guest/member connect cards, respond to requests as needed
  • Manage church membership / guest database records
  • Communicates volunteer schedules for Sunday services
  • Bulletin and announcement duties
  • Bulletins – type, design, print and prepare weekly bulletins
  • Create announcement screens for Sunday media team
  • Keep church information / resource center relevant to current events
  • Keep social media sights current with church events and activities
  • Church Schedules
  • Coordinating schedules for the Senior Pastor & Church.
  • Maintain the overall LHC facility schedule for rentals and events
  • Coordinate all building rentals
  • Assists with scheduling baptisms, profession of faith, visiting pastors and other special services.
  • Present during counseling sessions as needed by the Pastor
  • Special projects as assigned by the Senior Pastor and / or Steering Team

Work Hours

  • Expectation is 20 hours per week
  • Time will fluctuate dependent on projects and work load demands
  • Work days and office hours are somewhat flexible
  • Schedule will be communicated with Senior Pastor
  • Potential exists for completing some of the work from home

Reporting Authority

  • Reports to the Senior Pastor
  • An annual review will be completed by the Senior Pastor and shared with Admin Elders

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