It is important to come to church and to get spiritually fed, uplifted and encouraged. There comes a point though when you are filled to capacity and its time to give back. Its time to start taking the what you have acquired from the people who have poured into and invested into your life and begin to do the same for other people around you.


We all were born with gifts, talents and abilities. With every gift comes an opportunity to use those gifts for the betterment and encouragement of those around us. One way you can do that is to volunteer your time and your talents to help support the ongoing, daily operations of Living Hope Community Church. We can’t do what we do without people like you to help!


One way that you can get involved at Living Hope Community Church is by joining us in supporting and serving in a variety of mission fields. We love to go into our communities and cities and overseas and just share the love of Jesus with people. Its the love of God and the understanding of his true nature that has the power to completely transform people’s lives.


We don’t give financially because we are under obligation or because by giving, we get God to do something for us in return. Money is simply a resource that we have been given stewardship over and we have the opportunity to use it to invest in the kingdom and as a way to give back a portion of what has been entrusted to us.