Invest in Worship Campaign

Invest in Worship Campaign

Living Hope has a unique privilege to see God at work. It is exciting to see how God provides new life through challenges and opportunities. We have invested in time, energy and thought towards our direction and vision for Living Hope. We held vision meetings, re-imagined ministry for all generations and envisioned new ways to connect with the wider community. We have made significant progress and will continue on this path.

Visual worship is an important component of our worship experience.  Video projectors and appropriate lighting are tools in creating visual worship. Video projectors typically last 10 years and ours are currently at the 12-year mark. They are showing signs of nearing the end of their life as the images are fading and repairs to the current units are not cost effective. This provides LHC with an opportunity to implement updates to worship space and tools used for worship, which will enhance both live and recorded worship experiences

We ask that you prayerfully consider how God may be calling you and your family to support God’s work at Living Hope Church through this project.  Please consider what you are able to contribute above and beyond your normal tithes and offerings. With your prayer and financial support, Living Hope will meet its goals to continue to worship for the glory of God.


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