Biblical Healing Seminar

Biblical Healing Seminar


Have you ever prayed for healing for someone, and did not see healing take place? Have you asked yourself, “why did the person not receive healing?” Have you wondered what God’s will is when praying for the sick? We will address many possible reasons why healing might be blocked and what can be done to facilitate others to receive healing.

Roger and Sue Scheenstra have been serving as RCA/AIM/AIC missionaries in Kenya, Africa for 31 years. They are currently on Home Assignment in the USA based in the Randolph area for a short time. Roger and Sue are offering a 7 week Biblical Healing Seminar (BHS) to anyone who would like to grow and become more effective when it comes to praying with and for people in need of healing. Most people have been through traumatic events during their life time and it’s possible that wounds from these events can continue to affect them in a variety of ways. God created men and women with a spirit, soul and body. The BHS will address how the whole person can be healed; physically, emotionally and spiritually – including healing from the consequences of accidents, shock and trauma. This BHS is ideal for Pastors along with consistories and church councils. Elders, Deacons and believers in Christ are welcome. Roger and Sue realize the sensitivity that the subject of healing can contain for many in the community. They have seen dozens of people miraculously healed by Jesus through the past years. Roger and Sue have continued to grow in understanding and practice in this area, and if what they have learned can help you and others to increase in being more effective in this area, then to God be the glory.

They would like to invite couples and singles in the Randolph and Waupun area to join them for this training:


VENUE: The training will be held at:
Living Hope Community Church
740 W State St.
Fox Lake, WI 53933

This Seminar is design for Pastors, Elders, Deacons and all Christian followers of Jesus (best for couples to attend together).


THURSDAY NIGHTS from 6:30 TO 9:00 PM ON:

  • JANUARY 11, 2018
  • JANUARY 18, 2018
  • JANUARY 25, 2018
  • FEBUARY 1, 2918
  • FEBUARY 8, 2018
  • FEBUARY 15, 2018

The date for the 7th session will be announced on a later time.

COST: Free of charge.   

We would ask that all who sign up will commit to participate for all the 7 Thursday night sessions. Each session builds upon the previous session.


ENDORSEMENT: A few words from Pastor Cal & Char Vande Zande:

During Roger and Sue Scheenstra’s last home assignment they conducted a several-week seminar on Biblical Healing, which we had the opportunity to attend. The class was informative, challenging, and inspirational. With Roger and Sue’s guidance we looked at the healing ministry of Jesus and the Early Church. We came to see it is God’s will for His people to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually whole in the time of the Bible and today. The seminar helped us to pray with greater faith and understanding of what God wants to do in and through us. In many ways the class was an eye-opener and we are grateful because it has made a difference in our lives. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity if you are able.

Pastor Cal and Char Vande Zande


To prepare for this Seminar, there is some homework to do before hand:

  • Re-read Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and the book of Acts.
  • While reading these Scriptures, make a list with answers to the following questions;
  1. Who did Jesus Heal?
  2. When did he heal them?
  3. Who did Jesus not heal?

Please register by emailing Roger Scheenstra at: or sign up with your home church secretary and they can assist by emailing your registration in.


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